PreBorn! has been a huge blessing to us since we attended the Evangelism/Donor training last year in Atlanta. We immediately implemented the evangelism program PreBorn! shared, and now the PreBorn! staff has given us a firsthand example of how to apply it. In fact, one of our volunteers took what she learned and as a result, a young lady was saved the next day. I am confident we will see those salvations increase! I’ve been trying to implement what you shared about building donor relationships as well. This is a critical area I need to work on. Thank you for those tips as well.

We knew it was a long shot for our location to qualify for an ultrasound machine. Thank you for taking a chance on our growing center. If you weren’t willing to consider us for a machine, I would have missed out on a life-changing personal blessing from the PreBorn! Staff and more importantly, we would continue to struggle to reach women on this side of our county. For that, there are not enough words to truly express my gratitude.

We pray for you and your team at our staff meetings and pray that God continues to bless the amazing work you do to help save lives through pregnancy clinics!