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Sydnie Brunn

Vincent - Mar 5, 2024

This is a campaign to honor my daughter Sydnie. It is an ongoing campaign. When my wife was pregnant with Sydnie, Sydnie’s first communication with us was her heartbeat. Up to that point in life, I had believed in abortion. I then realized it was murder. Sydnie’s heartbeat was a signal that she was a living being, with all the features of a small body being developed in the next few weeks and months. During the next 19 years of Sydnie’s life, she excelled in school, sports, and work. She enjoyed activities like skateboarding, biking
, and camping. She enjoyed visiting San Francisco and going to the beach. Sydnies’ life abruptly ended on May 23, 2018. My son and I found her lifeless, lying in her bed. She suffered from anxiety and she called her doctor to fulfill her prescription. She called in on a Monday. Sometime between Monday and Wednesday morning, someone gave her a Zannex pill. It was laced with Fentanyl. Sydnie was a believer in Jesus Christ. So with this campaign, we would like to honor Sydnies’ passing by saving the souls of those yet unborn. These unborn souls have the potential to spread God’s word. Help save the souls of those unborn children by tithing to Sydnies’ campaign.


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