Lina's Story

Richardson, TX- Qtr 4 Life Story Pic 2 2023

Lina said, “When I went into the ultrasound and I heard his heartbeat, that’s when I knew that I couldn’t lose him. The minute I felt him inside me, I loved it and that’s when I knew I wanted to be a mommy.”

The Clinic came alongside the couple for the pregnancy, the birth of their son, Koda, and life after. Tyler attributed the strengthening of their relationship and decision for life to the support system they encountered at the Clinic. He went from fearing they would be a burden or charity case to wanting other families to know about the resources and support available.

Tyler said, “I hope the donors realize that they really do play a big role in those people who work hard and struggle with looking for babysitters and different resources for the baby like clothes and everything like that.”

What made the biggest difference in Lina and Tyler’s story was the realization that they were not alone. They found compassionate care they didn’t even know existed and were adopted into a community that treated them like family. You make it possible for the lonely to find family, just like Tyler, Lina, and Koda.