PreBorn!’s mission is to equip Crisis Pregnancy Clinics across the nation to save more lives and souls. Here is a testimony from one of our partner centers who received training through Operation Equip and the Invitation with Jan Wright, PreBorn! Field Consultant.

“We have nothing but the utmost praise for Jan. We so enjoyed getting to know her last week during our visit. Her love for the Lord and for what she does is so evident. Something that especially impressed us about Jan is that when she is asked to pray for someone or something she insists, “Let’s do it now”. . . A good model to follow. She taught us a lot and we plan to implement what we learned from her.

“Her going through how to share the Gospel with someone was so helpful because, honestly, some volunteers struggled with the right way to share what they know about who Jesus is and what He did to redeem us. Sin – Salvation – Solution, so basic and so simple.

“We WILL be practicing what she shared and we will be excited to see many more of our clients accepting Christ as their personal Savior.”