You Have a Major Impact on Saving the Lives of Babies and Women

Did you know the MAJORITY of women who undergo abortions do so because they feel pressured to? 

Our PreBorn! Network Clinics share resources with these women so they don’t have to walk through their pregnancy alone.

They are loved and accepted. They are provided the right resources and shown the love of Christ, enabling them to choose life for their babies.



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Your recurring monthly gift does more than provide immediate assistance, it helps PreBorn! Network Clinics to empower women with the education and resources they need to take care of their babies and themselves. This means that your gift is an investment that continues to have an impact long after you give.


A 14-Year-Old Faces Abortion

Tara had just celebrated her 14th birthday when she found out she was pregnant. She thought about getting an abortion in a neighboring state, so she and her boyfriend drove there to visit an abortion clinic. 

The abortion clinic workers revealed that Tara was 26 weeks pregnant, two weeks past the cut-off for an abortion procedure. 

So Tara, distraught, visited a PreBorn! Network Clinic to figure out her options. It was in that Clinic that Tara heard her baby’s heartbeat for the first time. Tara decided to keep her baby so that her mother and father could adopt him.

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Your ongoing support guarantees that we can continue our essential work of providing ultrasounds, pregnancy tests, compassionate counseling to women facing unplanned pregnancies, and much more.

Your Monthly Gift Is a Lifeline to Those Who Need it Most