Since 2023 is halfway through, we want to pause and thank the Lord for all that He has done. Your faithfulness has impacted thousands of lives, however, the year is not over.  

We must press on with endurance to finish the race before us. We are excited to see how God moves in abundance. 

Our Mission and Vision 

Seventeen years ago, PreBorn! was born out of prayerfulness and obedience to do something about God’s broken heart over abortion. Our work is God-dependent. PreBorn!’s mission is “to glorify Jesus Christ by leading and equipping Pregnancy Clinics to save more babies and souls.” 

PreBorn! is a non-profit that connects PreBorn! Network Clinics across the nation and globe. It functions to underwrite ultrasounds, give ultrasound machines, train staff and volunteers to evangelize, and to strategically impact the abortion industry.  

We recognize the undeniable connection between a mother and her baby when she hears her baby’s heartbeat for the first time. That’s why PreBorn! underwrites thousands of ultrasound sessions and places new ultrasound machines in Pregnancy Clinics so more women can have the opportunity to choose life.  

Your 2023 Impact  

We celebrate the impact you’ve made in saving babies and souls this year! You are adding to God’s Kingdom by radically introducing moms and dads to Jesus Christ as Lord and Savior and defending life. 

2023 at a glance 

Let’s take a look at PreBorn!’s non-profit achievements in 2023. Between January to June of 2023, you’ve impacted thousands of lives:  


      • 4,954 Commitments to Christ 

      • 28,845 Babies Saved  

      • 32 Ultrasound Machines Placed  

      • 35,388 Abortion-Minded Women Served  

      • 48,993 Ultrasound Scans Provided  

      • 210 Clinics Trained in The Invitation Evangelism Program  

      • 1,286 Individuals Trained in The Invitation 

    After visiting a PreBorn! Network Clinic, 81.5% of abortion-minded moms chose life for their babies. This number is consistent with the Pro-Life finding that 80% of women choose life after hearing their baby’s heartbeat on an ultrasound. When a woman has an ultrasound, you have a tremendous impact on her decision for life. 


    29,134 BABIES






    Highest Abortion Cities  

    With the overturning of Roe v. Wade in 2022, there has been nationwide impact exposing the wickedness of abortion. Abortion is still rampant and celebrated in liberal states and the fight for life has only intensified.  

    Thankfully, PreBorn! also has a strategic non-profit impact on the highest abortion cities in the US: Miami, Los Angeles, New York City, Washington D.C., and Chicago.  

    There are eight PreBorn! Network Clinics in Miami, and eight ultrasound machines have been placed there.  

    We’ve placed seven machines in seven of the 14 PreBorn! Network Clinics in Los Angeles. 

    Of the 12 Clinics in New York City, nine new machines have been given.  

    Seven machines have been placed in the nine PreBorn! Network Clinics in Washington D.C., and six machines have been placed in the eight Clinics in Chicago.  

    Financial Report  

    You can be confident that your donation makes a direct impact on moms and babies. PreBorn! records its annual reports and financial statements on its website for anyone to access. We proudly make known our statement of faith as well.  

    Financial accountability and transparency 

    PreBorn! is held accountable by multiple layers of financial accountability. We are accredited through ECFA, the Evangelical Council for Financial Accountability.  

    We have a four out of four-star rating through Charity Navigator, an online tool that empowers donors with the information they need to make wise financial decisions, giving to accountable and honorable ministries.  

    PreBorn!’s financials are also recorded through Ministry Watch, who has awarded PreBorn! an ‘A’ in transparency and  100% in donor confidence. 

    Breakdown of Ministry Funds 

    Let’s break down the top numbers of PreBorn!’s budget. First, 89% of ministry money funds Programs, like Operation Equip that place ultrasound machines and the  PreBorn! Child Sponsorship Program that underwrites ultrasound sessions.  

    Then, 4% of our annual budget funds development, which pays for the resources needed to capture donors’ attention and fundraise, and 7% funds administrative needs, paying employee salaries and meeting office needs. 

    Why are these numbers important? The majority of PreBorn!’s budget is directly used in the fight for life. 

    When you give, specifying your gift for an ultrasound session or another specific endeavor, every penny directly funds that need. We have many donors that give to support overall needs, so PreBorn! has the development and administrative resources to keep fighting while also keeping the lights on. You can see your impact in 2022 by viewing last year’s annual report.  

    Stories of Change  

    When you partner with PreBorn!, your impact is more than just faceless numbers and statistics. Real mothers like Emma, Charlotte, and Jane have powerful testimonies of how Jesus Christ met them in their hour of need and moved their heart to life.  

    While their names have been changed for confidentiality, their stories are real and powerful displays of God’s faithfulness and provision. Women not only choose life for their babies but life in Christ. 

    Adreiona’s Story 

    A PreBorn! Network Clinic was able to help one mother reverse her abortion after taking the first pill of the abortion pill. The mother, Adreiona, took the abortion pills after those around her said she should do so because she’s in college and wouldn’t be able to manage a baby.  

    Thankfully Adreiona found a PreBorn! Network Clinic and they immediately started Adreiona on the Abortion Pill Reversal (APR). 

    Adreiona made it just in time and now has a beautiful baby girl.  

    “If you’re thinking about getting an abortion because someone’s telling you to, or you feel like you’re not going to be able to handle it, don’t do that,” Adreiona said, “Because as soon as your baby gets here, everything will change. You’ll magically wake up stronger. You’ll wake up more confident in yourself. You’ll wake up eager to wake up, happy to wake up.” 

    The abortion industry claims that it is pro-choice, but often, it only promotes and affirms one option—abortion. It spends so much time trying to normalize abortion that it never gives any attention to women’s other options—parenting and adoption.  

    Future Plans and Goals 

    Adreiona’s story is not uncommon. While PreBorn! meets the in-clinic needs of Pregnancy Clinics around the nation, the future of abortion is not in a clinic. The abortion industry has prepared behind the scenes for years to bring abortion to our own homes—in our own bathrooms.  

    The abortion pill now accounts for over half of all abortions in the US. PreBorn! views the future of reaching women as a virtual healthcare system to meet the needs of an online generation.  

    More women like Adreiona can find online help from an army of top medical professionals that compassionately and accurately walk abortion-vulnerable women through their options and lead them to Christ.  

    We pray that the 28,845 babies saved so far in 2023 more than doubles in the remaining months, and that thousands more come to know Jesus Christ as their Lord and Savior.  


    Is the Lord pressing on your heart to rise up, speak up and show up for mothers and preborn babies? Then 2023 should be your year to serve like you’ve never done before.  

    How could you make an impact on your community? Where are you called to donate your time, money and efforts? Rise up, saint! It’s time to act. Little lives are depending on you. 

    We will finish the year with endurance, continuing to fight so that abortion becomes inaccessible and unthinkable. Your faithfulness to defend preborn babies and empower moms to choose life is making a greater impact than you know. Thank you for loving the least of these. To God be the glory!