A national study found that over 60% of women who had abortions felt pressured to abort. This was true for Abby*. She found herself at a PreBorn! Network Clinic seeking information on abortion, because that’s what the father-of-the-baby wanted. 

The question must be asked: Had Abby considered the decision for herself or was she still in shock about the unplanned pregnancy?  

The answer to that question came in the form of a life-changing experience: seeing her baby on an ultrasound screen. Many women, like Abby, find that seeing their baby’s heartbeat can change their entire perspective on abortion. 

Complicated Relationship 

Both Abby and her boyfriend, Michael, were involved in their church’s youth group. The two had been keeping their relationship a secret, especially after becoming sexually involved.  

When they discovered Abby was pregnant, they were afraid of what their church family might think. Michael wanted Abby to take care of the situation quickly and quietly. To make matters worse, Abby’s mother was a pastor at the church.  

Michael accompanied Abby to the appointment at the Clinic. There the two of them were able to talk to people individually. Michael was partnered with a peer counselor, and Abby talked with a Clinic nurse.    

Ball of Blood 

During the ultrasound scan, the nurse showed Abby her baby. Michael was invited to join. The vibrant, lively image and sound of their 8-week-old baby with its heart beating at a steady 174 BPM (Beats per Minute) had a profound impact.  

When Abby saw the baby on the screen, already formed with so much detail and moving its limbs, she asked, That’s the baby? I thought it would be a ball of blood.” 

Abby’s baby was not just a mass of cells, this was a new life.  

The deception that a preborn baby is not a baby has invaded the minds of many and is perpetuated by our culture. Abby and Michael were amazed by how real it felt to see and hear their baby. The truth of life sank in. They wanted pictures of “their baby” to take home. 

At the start of the appointment, the two referred to the pregnancy and abortion with sterile and logical words, but it wasn’t until the ultrasound scan that they said out loud that this was “their baby.” In an instant, they developed an emotional connection. 

Michael watched the ultrasound screen and exclaimed, “Wow! Look at it move!” 

After the scan, he turned to his peer counselor and said, “We are having this baby and keeping it! I am going to talk to the pastor.” 

Abundant Support 

Abby found a tremendous amount of support in her faith and community. Not only did she find the strength to choose life for her baby, but also to be open about her pregnancy and seek help from those around her. 

Michael called the Clinic to update them later, sharing that the pastor and church supported them in choosing life, and Michael and Abby had surrendered their futures to God. No longer was their relationship a secret to be ashamed of, but now the two were forming a family to glorify the Lord.  

The two felt strengthened by the support they received in their community. Together, they enrolled in parenting classes at the Clinic. They gained access to the Clinic’s boutique which provided them with the necessary baby items they would need. The two also received support from the Clinic’s mentoring program. 

A common misconception about Pregnancy Resource Centers (PRC), like the one Abby and Michael went to, is that they only care about the baby. Yet, many PRCs offer free services, material assistance, post-abortive counseling, and so much more! Many even walk alongside mothers for years after the baby is born. 


Thousands of women like Abby find themselves pressured to abort. They often quickly choose abortion because it seems like the easiest, most logical decision to regain control of their future. But so many decide to abort too hastily before they’ve had time to process the pregnancy, investigate their emotions, and understand all of their options.  

Abby’s story is just one example of how seeing an ultrasound and receiving support can change a woman’s perspective on abortion. It also highlights the importance of access to comprehensive healthcare, education, and community. 

The experience at the Clinic showed Abby that she was not alone and that there were people who cared for her and wanted to help. Women facing unplanned pregnancies need to know that they have options and resources available to them. They don’t have to go through it alone or keep their pregnancy a secret. 


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