Leah was a hard-working high school student with big dreams, a perfect plan, and a bright future ahead of her. She was working an after-school job to save money for college and in the process of applying for nursing school. Her long-term dream was to work hard and earn her Ph.D. 

She had her life planned … or so she thought. 

With one semester left in school, Leah could almost taste the dream she had been working so hard for. This was it. She was almost there. But then, everything changed when she found out she was pregnant. 

A baby did not fit into her five-year plan.  

Initially, abortion seemed like the easiest solution to her problem. It would allow her to continue pursuing her dreams without any interruptions. Leah was so overwhelmed with the thought of being a parent, she couldn’t concentrate on her studies. She felt pressured to get an abortion as soon as possible, so she could finally push the “distractions” aside and get back to her plans.  

There was one problem with this thought, though. Leah knew exactly what an abortion entailed, having had one just two years earlier. She didn’t feel ready to face the physical and emotional strain she remembered facing when she made this decision before.  

A Divine Connection 

Leah was restless and devastated until she found a PreBorn! Network Clinic. Little did she know that God was orchestrating a divine appointment.  

She met with a nurse named Kim, who happened to have a similar story to Leah. Kim became pregnant in high school yet continued her education and became a nurse. Now, she advocates for moms just like Leah, to help them choose life by finding confidence in Christ. Kim testified that it was the Lord who gave her the strength she needed to choose parenting, and she never regretted it. 

Leah opened up to Kim about her life circumstances. Everything she had planned was falling apart, and breaking up with her boyfriend wasn’t a part of the plan either.  

She felt helpless and alone. Her previous abortion prompted her to ask more in-depth medical questions. She wanted to ensure the pregnancy was viable before paying for an abortion. Before leaving, Leah allowed Kim to pray with her. She left the Clinic undecided about the abortion. 

More than One Option 

Thankfully, Leah returned to the Clinic three more times for ultrasounds and other follow-up visits. Each ultrasound was a tug at Leah’s heart, and she could not ignore the reality that there was a strong, lively baby inside her deserving of life and protection.  

The Clinic staff and Kim used each visit to speak life into Leah and encourage her with the truth and love of Jesus. Leah told Kim she was a Christian and that she knew Jesus personally, yet abortion was an area of her heart she hadn’t let Jesus touch.  

To Leah, abortion seemed like the only option for a girl her age. Other girls in her community had multiple abortions with no problem. Why couldn’t she? 

After talking to Kim and receiving guidance and support, Leah started seeing things differently. She realized that she had a choice, and choosing life for her baby was an option. On her last visit, Leah proudly announced, “I am having this baby!” 

Accomplishing So Much 

Leah graduated as planned and moved to a location where she could be surrounded by supportive family members. Not long after her move, Leah started nursing school.  

Leah boldly decided to not only keep her baby and become a mother but also continue pursuing her dreams. With the help of PreBorn! Network Clinic, she received prenatal care, counseling, and resources to prepare for motherhood while attending classes.  

She delivered a beautiful, healthy baby girl named Alexis. Leah reflected, “Alexis is the light of my life, and I can’t imagine my life without her. I also couldn’t imagine I could have accomplished as much as I have. I am so thankful for [the PreBorn! Network Clinic] and all you’ve done to help me.” 

Not a Coincidence  

To Leah, finding a PreBorn! Network Clinic appeared to be by chance, yet God was taking care of every detail. Luke 12:7 (NKJV) says, “the very hairs of your head are all numbered. Do not fear therefore; you are of more value than many sparrows.” God cared for Leah and Alexis, putting the right person in Leah’s path at just the right place and time.  

C.S. Lewis said, “Children are not a distraction from more important work. They are the most important work.”  

Leah is eternally grateful for her daughter and empowered with purpose as Alexis’ mom. She is fulfilling her calling by first filling the call of motherhood on her life. 


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