Young man feeling worried after seeing pregnancy scan

Financial stability was at the forefront of Luna’s mind when it came to contemplating the idea that she and her husband would, or even could, expand their small family.  

She spent her childhood battling chronic illness and her adult life working tirelessly, simply to meet basic needs. It was for these reasons she took extra precautions to ensure that she and her husband would not find themselves expecting.  

Though Luna had a financial plan to prepare for parenthood, God had another plan in store. Luna and her husband, Mike, found out they were going to be first-time parents.  

Luna and Mike made the journey to a PreBorn! Network Clinic for an official pregnancy test and ultrasound. While Mike was excited at the idea of welcoming a newborn baby into their home, Luna wasn’t sure how she felt.

She battled in her mind with the fact they didn’t have current health insurance or the financial stability she believed was suitable to bring a child into the world. She also desired to have a little more time to experience life before dedicating herself to full-time motherhood.  

These internal battles left Luna seriously weighing the option to abort her preborn baby.  

She voiced her concerns to the Clinic’s counselor, desperately desiring guidance in making the right decision. Her counselor listened, without judgment, as Luna shared her heart with her. She, in turn, asked Luna one question —if she would be willing to speak to God about her pregnancy and trust Him with their future.

Luna thought this question brought a wise option to the table, so she agreed and spent the rest of the visit speaking with the counselor about Jesus.  

Luna and Mike went home following their first appointment and didn’t return until three weeks later for a follow-up ultrasound. The team at the Clinic noticed there was something different about Luna in this visit … her smile was brighter and she expressed excitement to see the Clinic’s counselor again.  

Though she was nervous about becoming a parent, Luna’s conversation was filled with talk about her future as a mother. “I think we can get through this — it will work out,” she shared with her counselor.  

The ultrasound confirmed her decision to choose life was the right one. She could see her baby clearly, and in looking at the life within her womb, found peace seeing that her baby was safe and healthy.

She even asked for ultrasound photos she could take home to share with her husband as they discussed baby names.  

In just two visits Luna was able to overcome her financial concerns and maternal worries, choose life for her preborn baby, and grow in her understanding and relationship with the Lord.  

There’s truly something beautiful that takes place when love and the presence of God are brought into expectant parents’ most unsure moments. It’s a place where life can be chosen, physically and eternally.  

Your prayers and your financial support make stories like Luna and Mike’s possible. Continue to be steadfast in prayer for expectant mothers and fathers, as well as for the preborn.

We encourage you to give what the Lord places on your heart to continue the mission of saving lives and saving souls.


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