“Easy,” “quick,” and “safe” were all adjectives Lorelle’s internet search assured her about the abortion pill.  

As a young college student, Lorelle felt the weight of her unplanned pregnancy. She was scared and confused, overwhelmed by the news, and unsure of what to do next. The abortion pill seemed like a logical solution. 

Unlike many women who quickly order the abortion pill online without seeing a physician face-to-face, Lorelle needed to know more. In her search for guidance, she contacted a PreBorn! Network Clinic to learn more about the pill.  

There, Leah was able to talk to someone for the first time about her pregnancy, her fears, mixed emotions, and all of the information racing around in her head.  

A Crisis Is Not Forever 

At the Clinic, she found a supportive and understanding environment where she could openly discuss her situation. Like many young girls facing an unplanned pregnancy, she feared telling her parents and worried about their reaction. Having a baby in college wasn’t their plan for her life, and it wasn’t Lorelle’s either. However, Lorelle’s advocate wisely cautioned her, “Even though their first reaction may be strong, don’t make a permanent life decision based on what could be a temporary emotion.” 

A crisis, unplanned pregnancy won’t always feel like crisis. In time, there are many positive emotions to come: finding purpose in motherhood, stepping into bravery and boldness, and ultimately experiencing abundant joy while holding the baby for the first time.  

Lorelle opened up about her faith and confessed the shame she was feeling, believing she let God down. Perhaps Lorelle subconsciously believed that God felt about her in the same way her parents did, both reacting to the pregnancy with anger, disappointment, and disapproval.  

Her advocate reminded her about the true character and nature of God. Romans 8:1 (NKJV) says, “There is therefore now no condemnation to those who are in Christ Jesus.” While we have the responsibility to repent and turn away from sin, God is not going to turn away from us when we’ve gone astray. He will always be waiting with open arms. He offers grace, forgiveness, and love.  

Lorelle accepted that although she had made a mistake, it didn’t define her worth—her identity is in Christ. God had plans for her and her baby. Lorelle and her advocate prayed together. 

Despite being undecided about her situation, Lorelle was thankful for her Client Advocate, saying, “I felt so comfortable to just cry and open up.” She educated me well. I have more info now.” 

Stuck Image  

When Lorelle saw the image of her baby on the ultrasound, she was overcome with emotion. She heard her baby’s heartbeat that was racing with life, and she could not deny the precious life growing inside of her. The abortion pill wasn’t just flushing some tissue; it was stopping a vivacious heartbeat. 

After she left, the Clinic followed up with Lorelle several times to check in and encourage her. During one of those check-ins, they learned that Lorelle’s mom was supportive of the pregnancy and so thankful Lorelle didn’t secretly take the abortion pill. Lorelle confessed the ultrasound image of her baby was stuck in her head.  

A short time later, Lorelle called to tell the Clinic the good news: she decided to parent! Lorelle said, “I will be forever grateful for meeting you all and the time we spent together.” 

Precious Christmas Gift 

Even though the decision to keep the baby was not a straightforward choice, it is ultimately one she would never regret. Lorelle welcomed the precious gift of a new baby just before Christmas, adding so much joy to her family’s holiday gatherings. These are moments she could have easily missed out on had she hastily chosen the abortion pill. 

Lorelle’s story is just one example of how education and support can change outcomes for pregnant women considering abortion.  

Thankfully, with the support of PreBorn! Network Clinics, young women like Lorelle have a safe place to open up, receive guidance, and make informed decisions that will impact their lives forever.  

No one should feel alone or forced into making a rash decision without all the information. Every life is precious and worth fighting for. 


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