woman sitting down holding pregnancy test looking distraught and sad

It’s no secret how much hard work and focused effort it takes for one to make it through college, earn a degree, and begin a career. At least, this was the case for 23-year-old Kiara, who dreamed of becoming a teacher. 

As she stared at the positive pregnancy test in her hands, she couldn’t stop thinking about the tenuous hours and countless sacrifices she had made over the years so she could finally be in a personal and professional place she could be proud of. 

As she sat, in shock, she felt like her hard work and long-awaited dreams were quickly fading away. The only solution she could think of at the time was to abort her preborn baby. And that’s exactly what she set out to do. 

Kiara picked up her phone, dialed the number to Planned Parenthood, and inquired about an abortion. To her dismay, they didn’t take insurance, so she was forced to search fora different clinic to carry out her plan. She soon found a PreBorn! Network Clinic and was able to get an appointment for the same day.

She and her boyfriend quickly made their way to the Clinic. When they arrived they were able to see their baby for the first time on an ultrasound. While her boyfriend sat silently, in thought, the image on the screen didn’t appear to dissuade Kiara from the plan she set out to accomplish. She asked question after question … all about the abortion process. 

At the close of the first appointment, the expectant parents agreed to return for a follow-up appointment and a second ultrasound. However, on the morning of the scheduled appointment, Kiara called to cancel, stating she was on her way to New York to visit family and follow through with her abortion. 

The PreBorn! Network Clinic staff extended an open invitation to Kiara, that if for any reason she changed her mind, the team would be there for any needs she might have.

It was then the PreBorn! Network Clinic turned to over 800 prayer partners for support, asking that they pray God would use Kiara’s circumstances to help her grow closer to Him. 

The story seemed to end there, as the staff didn’t hear back from Kiara and were not able to reach her on the telephone. It wasn’t until weeks later, as the team was making one final outreach attempt, that Kiara answered her phone and shared her news. 

She did not have an abortion. She was still expecting her first child. 

The prayers worked! 

After several attempted abortion appointments, both in Florida and New York, Kiara and her boyfriend couldn’t overlook the many “signs” present that they should not terminate their baby. 

Together, they chose life. 

They have also chosen to dedicate their lives to Jesus and grow in their relationship with Him as they await the birth of their daughter. 

God has shown time and again that He can and WILL use any circumstance to draw His children back to Him. He cares about the things we care about … and He cares about preborn babies and the souls of parents who aren’t sure what to do next. 

It’s because of YOU … your support and your prayers that Kiara, her boyfriend, and their daughter have a second chance at life! 


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