Gigi found herself alone and abandoned by her boyfriend, who demanded she have an abortion. Her world was upside down. She was grieving the ended relationship and had no idea she would face this life-altering decision alone. 

 Despite the swirling chaos around her and the pressure to abort., the Lord intervened, putting the right people in her path, leading her to a PreBorn! Network Clinic.  

Abortion in Texas 

Gigi lives in Texas where it is now illegal for her to have an abortion. Her boyfriend was desperate for her to have the abortion, wanting to take her to another state to get the procedure.  

The Texas Heartbeat Act, or SB(8), makes Texas abortion law an almost total ban on abortion, except if the mother is “in danger of death or a serious risk of substantial impairment of a major bodily function.” 

At first, Gigi considered complying with her boyfriend’s demands to travel  for an abortion. But something deep within her made her stop and think. 

Clinic Visit  

At the PreBorn! Network Clinic, Gigi hoped the results would come back negative, that she had a false positive at home. Then, miraculously she would wake up from this nightmare.  

When it came time for the ultrasound scan, Gigi was overcome with emotion as she saw her 20-week-old baby on the screen. She was shocked that she was so far along and halfway through her pregnancy. 

At 20 weeks, a baby is almost 7 inches long, fully formed, and twisting and turning around in the mother’s belly. Many moms can feel their baby kick by this time. Fetal viability is only four weeks away, as many babies can survive outside of the womb at 24 weeks, with our current medical technology. 

The tiny fingers and toes, the beating heart, and all the potential of a precious life were there before her. Gigi’s heart began to change, and her mothering instinct was awakened. She was certain her baby’s life is valuable and worth fighting for. 

Running out of Options 

Gigi was conflicted. She knew she could not go through with an abortion. Her baby deserved her protection, yet she knew keeping the baby would be detrimental for her and her family. Abortion wasn’t an option, but parenting didn’t seem like an option either. 

She began to think about what she considered to be the hardest option of all—adoption. Abortion is not a straightforward and painless decision,and neither is adoption. Both, often come with grief, wondering about a life that could have been. Gigi said, “I thought about being a single mom, but it’s not just about being strong or independent. It’s about your baby and every baby deserves a father.”  

Opening Her Heart to Adoption 

Gigi was determined to choose her baby’s life above all else, that also meant taking into consideration the baby’s future and what kind of life she could provide for her baby. Ultimately, Gigi selflessly chose a semi-open adoption.  

She chose a Christian couple who had experienced multiple miscarriages and infertility. The couple begged God for a child, and Gigi was their answer to prayer.  

While this has been a time of grieving for Gigi, she knows the baby who she fought for and sacrificed for, is blessed with a loving adoptive mother and father. With the semi-open adoption, Gigi’s son will grow up knowing he is not only loved by his adoptive parents, but by his biological mom too.  

Realities of Adoption 

Choosing adoption over abortion can be a difficult choice, but it is also a choice filled with hope and promise. By choosing life for her child, Gigi gave her baby the chance to grow and thrive in a world full of opportunities. Despite the loss Gigi was feeling, choosing adoption allowed for the creation of a new family that otherwise would not have been possible without Gigi’s selflessness and sacrifice. 

There are many families who are looking to adopt and provide a loving home for children. In fact, there are more families wanting to adopt than there are babies available for adoption. American Adoptions estimate that “there are about 2 million couples currently waiting to adopt in the United States — which means there are as many as 36 waiting families for every one child who is placed for adoption.”  

Truly, Gigi gave her son’s adoptive family the most generous gift of all. What a beautiful example of how one person’s selflessness can change the course of another’s life. 


Gigi’s bravery in choosing life and adoption for her baby is a beautiful story of selflessness and love. Because Gigi was presented with all options during her unplanned pregnancy, she was able to weigh each decision and make the choice that was best for her child. 

Thankfully, a PreBorn! Network Clinic was Gigi’s support in a time of crisis, providing healthcare and accessing resources to connect Gigi to adoption agencies. Who knows what the outcome of her situation would have been if she had found herself counseled at an abortion clinic instead.  

Adoption was not the easy way out for Gigi, but it was a generous gift she gave her son, blessing his adoptive parents with the chance to have a family. Because of your heart for women like Gigi, lives are being saved and families are being made. 


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