An unplanned pregnancy, heart-gripping fear, and a referral from a friend landed 19-year-old “Paige” in a PreBorn! Network Clinic, unsure of the future she was going to choose for her and her preborn baby. 

She was torn between her college career, two part-time jobs, and a horror story of regret her friend shared with her about her decision to abort. She was also overcome with anxiety for keeping her pregnancy a secret from her mother, who she esteemed as her best friend. 

Paige couldn’t restrain her feelings any longer. Immediately, upon meeting her nurse, tears began to flow from her eyes. Feeling as though she was in a safe place, where she would be heard, she shared the depths of her heart with her nurse. 

“Paige, I think you already know. He (God) isn’t punishing you, He is giving you a gift and He chose you to be this child’s mom. That’s His decision. I do understand that might take some time and prayer for you to see,” her nurse said, comforting her, and encouraging her to see God’s hand in her life story. 

Paige’s nurse also encouraged her to give all of her fears to God and trust Him. 

That very night Paige went to church, seeking a place to lay down her fears and find God’s will for her life. 

The next day, Paige shared her pregnancy with her mother. She was met with nothing less than encouragement and support. Within two weeks, Paige returned to the Clinic, with both her mother and her friend by her side. 

In this visit, her friend shared her story and told of how she made the “snap decision” to abort because others were pressuring her. She also shared how vulnerable she felt she was at that time, and how she regrets her decision to abort her baby, every single day. She didn’t want Paige to endure the same regret. While Paige was searching for direction for herself, the PreBorn! Network Clinic was also able to help her friend with support from their abortion recovery program. 

Not long after, on her third visit to the Clinic, Paige announced her decision. 

“I am having my baby,” Paige exclaimed, as she listened to her baby’s heartbeat. 

“I knew in my heart it was the right decision to have my baby. Outside opinions and influences of friends, family, and my boyfriend began to weigh on me. I am so thankful I came here. You have helped me through several tough weeks of pregnancy and uncertainty,” Paige shared. 

Paige and her friend aren’t the only women who find themselves riddled with fear and overcome by the pressure to abort. It is because of PreBorn! Network Clinics and those who support the ongoing work of God that Paige found the faith to choose life and her friend found a place of hope and healing. 


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