A few weeks ago, “Melinda” visited the local abortion clinic and met a sidewalk evangelist out front. With no family to support her and no help from the daddy, she believed her only option was abortion.

That day she received the drugs for a “chemical abortion” and took one of the three pills required to end the life of her child. She began to have doubts about her decision and prayed the Lord would allow her to carry the baby and determined to NOT take the additional pills.

She decided to go back to the same abortion clinic to have the abortion pill reversed. They did an ultrasound and told her there was no heartbeat. They also told her she would have to have a “surgical abortion” to “remove the products of conception” because she was now 11 weeks into her pregnancy. Melinda was shocked because she was sure she was carrying her baby and there was LIFE!

She walked out of the clinic and asked the sidewalk evangelist if the people there lie? The sidewalk evangelist brought her to a PreBorn! Network Clinic where she saw her very alive baby on an ultrasound with a strong heartbeat and lots of wiggles. She wept and wept as she continued to say, “They lied to me!” The clinic made some calls to confirm with doctors that she was indeed okay and that the Lord “reversed” this abortion!

Melinda would like to adopt her baby to a loving family and the clinic has assisted her with the referrals needed for a Christian Adoption Agency. She believes very strongly in this decision because she wants what is best for her baby. She grew up knowing Jesus personally but had not been walking with the Lord in the last few years. The staff at the clinic prayed with her, and are hopeful to plug her into a church and community that can also help her walk through her healthy decision.

Thank YOU for helping to provide healthy, safe options for women and men! TOGETHER we save lives as we humbly acknowledge there are NO mistakes or coincidences with our God!

Until there are ZERO.