Astonishingly, the coronavirus pandemic has reduced our fast-paced world culture to more resemble a 1st-century-ish, at-home, stand-still existence. Both, personally and economically, this is an experience unique to our 21st century; one which has not been lived in modern culture since 1918. The tragic mortality in New York, elsewhere nationally and internationally has hung a myriad of questions, and clouds of doubt and fear over our lives. Many are asking and more are wondering: “What could God have as His purpose amidst all of this tragedy and global uncertainty?” Give moms the certainty to choose life during COVID-19

The scripture says, “Who has known the mind of the Lord that he may instruct Him? (1 Cor. 2:16, NKJV).” None of us, beyond what is revealed in scripture, can say that we understand God’s purposes. But in recent weeks, across America, Pregnancy Clinics have been experiencing a “silver lining” behind the dark pandemic cloud.

With schools dismissed and stay-at-home orders in effect, the number of unplanned pregnancies has skyrocketed. Couple this with abortion clinics being shut down in many states, and the current state of our nation amounts to a “bull market” for Pregnancy Clinics across America.

Stay-At-Home Equals Unplanned Pregnancies.

PreBorn!, one of the nation’s largest Pregnancy Clinic ministries, has seen three times the number of phone calls on their national crisis line, and visits in the clinics they operate. This is an unprecedented increase, allowing the gospel and the truth about the humanity of preborn babies to be shared with young women. The Hollywood Women’s Center in Hollywood, California, has seen a four-fold increase of patients visit the center in recent weeks. Mary’s Pregnancy Resource Center in Fort Lauderdale, Florida, remains open and is seeing record numbers of visits.

Hero In The Face of Danger

Marjorie Ballard is a 65-year-old nurse who lives in South Central Los Angeles. She has been part of the Crisis Pregnancy Clinic of Southern California and the Hollywood Women’s Center for over a year. She is the nurse on the frontline, administering ultrasounds to young girls who are uncertain about what they are going to do with the pregnancy or, worse yet, who are determined to abort their babies. The clinic sees their services as “essential,” and indeed it is a life-and-death matter.

Marjorie was offered pay to stay at home because of her age in the face of the pandemic. However, she bravely refused and continues to be in the clinic every day, and in close interaction with the increased number of patients. The urgency of the mission and her dedication to life compel her to offer free services to young girls.

Sequestered away in our homes is inconvenient at best. A vacant economy, mass burials in New York and tens of thousands dying globally are a horror. Yet, the church of Jesus Christ and His ministries are experiencing the accomplishments of their mission, albeit unconventionally, in marvelous ways. The message of the risen Christ and the sanctity of human life is being shared, as a result of the Coronavirus, more than ever. While stock portfolios wither, it is certainly a bull market for Pregnancy Clinics.