If you really think about it—You had a hand in giving her the strength to pick up the phone.

Several months ago, “Chloe” decided to end the life of her preborn baby. She succumbed to her fears of raising a child alone and fell into the trap of having a chemical abortion.

Sadly, she made her way to a Miami abortion clinic, picked up a bag of abortion pills and went home to put an end to her misery.

After taking the first dosage, Chloe frantically fumbled through the thought of what she had done—and she desperately regretted it.

With nothing but fear and anxiety occupying her mind, she picked up the phone, called a PreBorn! Pregnancy Clinic, and begged for mercy on the life of her preborn baby.

The doctor shared a solution with Chloe that gave her hope. She prescribed Chloe medication to reverse her chemical abortion. She also scheduled an appointment for Chloe to come into a PreBorn! Pregnancy Clinic for a free ultrasound.

You helped provide Chloe the ultrasound that changed everything. She chose life for her baby! Praise God!

In the stillness of the room, Chloe heard the sound of a tiny heartbeat—the precious sound of the life of her baby— the one she had almost lost. But, praise God, her abortion was reversed! God gave Chloe a way of escape and she trusted Him.

You had a direct impact upon giving Chloe peace of mind in her darkest hour.

In all honesty, without your love and support, Chloe would have had nowhere to turn.

You gave her the miracle she needed—the sound of her baby’s heartbeat!

You—undeniably—helped save the life of Chloe’s baby.

This is why your ongoing financial support to PreBorn! is essential—Would you consider giving again to save a baby in a city near you?

Without your financial support, lives would be lost now and for all eternity. Your generous gift will help stop abortions, give life, and help advocates share the love of Jesus Christ.

Your gift is 100% tax deductible.

You are vital to this ministry.

Thank you for your unwavering devotion to PreBorn! and for your compassion for saving babies and souls. You are a valued member of the

PreBorn! family. See Chloe’s baby, that was saved from abortion, below.


How You Made a Difference

Whether you’ve volunteered at a pregnancy clinic, helped a friend through a difficult pregnancy, or advocated for life-affirming policies, we want to hear from you. Your story could be the inspiration that someone else needs to get involved and make a difference. To share your story, simply fill out the form. We’ll review your submission and, with your permission, share it on our website and social media channels. Thank you for your commitment to life. Together, we can make a difference in the lives of mothers and their preborn children.

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Because of Your Support

Donors like you faithfully provide ultrasounds and counseling while helping to fund baby clothes, diapers, and formula. More importantly, your love gives a young mother an opportunity to hear the gospel of Jesus Christ. Check out the powerful impact our love makes.  


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