Anti-Abortion states are finally tackling an endemic problem in the continental United States: victims of trafficking being forced into abortion. In particular, Idaho and North Carolina are taking different approaches to cut down on abortionist influence and protecting victims from predators.

What Are the Bills Being Presented?

The first bill in question comes out of North Carolina, dubbed the Stopping Traffickers and Their Accomplices Act. Introduced by Senator Ted Budd, this bill requires abortionists to report suspected trafficking victims. The bill also requires abortionists to undergo training to recognize signs of human trafficking.

The second bill comes from Idaho, a state that has taken up the pro-life mantle and the fight for preborn babies. House Bill 242 would make it a felony for minors to travel out of state to receive an abortion without parental consent and dub the practice as abortion trafficking.

The Connection Between Abortion and Human Trafficking

Abortion and human trafficking are close-knit in their operations. Even outside of a trafficking setting, abortion is generally done due to pressure from others. Abortion, historically speaking, has been used as a punishment against women for some sort of transgression. It is a form of oppression and control. The most recent tragic example we have of this is Boko Haram and the Nigerian government in 2013.

According to a study conducted by Priscilla K. Coleman, 66% of the women who had an abortion knew they were making a mistake. So, why go through with an abortion? Well, 58.3% of women reported getting an abortion to make others happy, while 73.8% admit that the decision to abort was pressured from others. Overall, 49.2% of these women knew the baby growing inside them was actually a baby and not just a clump of cells that so many abortionists try to tell these women.

With this much outside pressure among women who have freedom of choice, it’s understandable that the position of trafficking victims is bleak.

A study from the Beazley Institute of Health, Law, and Policy shows that the sex trafficking industry generates an estimated $33.9 billion profit per year worldwide.

Of the women responding to the study, they reported that they had three or four abortions, all of which were forced.

What abortionists are saying about the Stopping Traffickers and Their Accomplices Act

Many news outlets including the Charlotte Observer and the Associated Press are calling the North Carolina bill, “bizarre,” and disavow that abortion clinics are aiding traffickers. Abortion clinics are renowned for their intentional suppression of information and instructing their victims on how to lie to outsiders. This is also a practice that is advised by prominent abortionist organizations such as the National Network of Abortion Funds.

What abortionists are saying about Idaho House Bill 242

Salon and HuffPost have commented on the recently introduced bill in Idaho. Salon links the bill to book banning about civil rights and allowing teachers to hit disabled students in the classroom. HuffPost has attributed this new struggle against human trafficking to, “Christian White Nationalist Insurgency,” and connects the protection of minors to the re-establishment of firing squads.

Final Thoughts

The fall of Roe v. Wade opened the floodgates for morality and virtue to reenter the public square.

This is a major push for pro-life legislation. If anti-abortion states were to make a coalition similar to that of abortionist states, they could hinder abortion access in much of the country. States that were once thought of as flyovers now have the ability to be a wall that defends against the murders of the most vulnerable in our nation.