Indiana began a special session this morning, July 25, 2022, in the State Legislation, concerning its response to the overturn of Roe v. Wade. This special session of the legislators, outside of the normal session earlier in the year, will decide Indiana’s response to abortion.

Indiana, unlike many other states, did not have any trigger bills or pre-Roe laws that went into effect after the Supreme Court decision was announced, which is why this special session is vital.

However, this session is important not only for Indiana, but for many other states as well. This is the first post-Roe legislative session to address abortion in the history of our nation. Many eyes around the United States are on Indiana. No matter the outcome, the results of this session will influence other states and impact the fight against abortion in the U.S.

Please be in prayer for the results of this session. Many Senators and Representatives do not want to see a God-honoring abortion ban passed in Indiana. Pray that God leads them to turn from their ways, be brave, and support a bill that will turn Indiana from an abortion tourist state into a state where preborn children are protected and valued. If Indiana is successful in protecting life with this special session, that will influence other states to be faithful to God in this fight as well.