Imagine that you’re checking out at your local grocery store, and the cashier asks if you would like to donate to the charity or foundation they’re currently sponsoring. Do you give? You’re put on the spot and it sounds like a worthy cause, so why not?

Come to find out, that charity you donated your dollar to regurgitates funds back into the charity administration’s pockets and overhead, while actually spending very little on the cause it fundraises for. You may be wondering if that is the case with PreBorn! as well. You’re wanting to support a ministry and honor the Lord with your money but is PreBorn! a charity you can trust?

You can be assured that PreBorn! is founded on prayer and obedience to God, has a nation-wide and international impact, and adheres to layers of financial accountability and transparency.

History of PreBorn!

PreBorn! was birthed out of Dan and Valerie Steiner’s obedience to God to do something about His broken heart over abortion. Dan left his job as a trucking company executive and accepted a position at an Indianapolis Pregnancy Clinic. The Clinic was operating on a meager budget, and its volunteers brought in toilet paper because money was scarce. While Dan knew very little about running a Pregnancy Clinic, he knew Jesus and trusted that He could do anything.

Founded on Prayer

A prayer group was formed to cover the Clinic in prayer, and 210 prayer warriors interceded on its behalf. Within 14 years, that Clinic became a 14-center operation with a 2.5 million dollar budget, seeing thousands of babies saved and thousands come to know Christ.

During that time, PreBorn! was incorporated in 2007 as MISSION: Pre-Born, Inc. as a not-for-profit 501(c)(3). Today, the PreBorn! office is centered around a prayer room, where intercessors pray without ceasing throughout the day’s work. They cover every detail of the ministry in prayer.

The abortion industry rears its ugly head as the enemy seeks to steal, kill, and destroy. Yet, PreBorn! continues to stand firm in the full armor of God, submits to His will and relies solely on Him for survival.

PreBorn!’s Mission

PreBorn! operates as a God-dependent, God-fearing, and Spirit-led organization. Our core verse is Romans 1:16 “For I am not ashamed of the gospel of Christ, for it is the power of God to salvation for everyone who believes” (NKJV).

The mission of PreBorn! is “to glorify Jesus Christ by leading and equipping Pregnancy Clinics to save more babies and souls.”

We care about both babies and souls, because if a baby’s life is saved without their mother raising them up to know Jesus, then both their souls are lost. Yet, if the mother is led to Christ, she can lead her baby to Christ, and two souls are added to the Kingdom.

Overview of PreBorn!’s Programs

Donors should feel confident about who they’re giving their money to, where it goes, and how it is being used. So, what exactly does PreBorn! do and what are they doing with your money?

PreBorn! is not a Clinic, however, it is the head of a not-for-profit, connecting PreBorn! Network Clinics across the nation and globe. It functions to underwrite ultrasounds, give ultrasound machines, train staff and volunteers to evangelize, and much more, all to strategically impact the abortion industry.

PreBorn! functions to:

  • Underwrite ultrasound sessions
  • Provide new ultrasound machines
  • Train staff and volunteers to evangelize
  • Help connect abortion-minded women to Clinics

The Invitation Evangelism Curriculum

PreBorn! equips PreBorn! Network Clinics with free ultrasound scans and machines. However, this work is in vain without the certainty that these Clinics are mission-minded about sharing the good news of Jesus Christ with their clients.

The Invitation is PreBorn’s evangelism curriculum that trains Clinic staff and volunteers on ways to share the gospel daily. The curriculum is a God-dependent evangelism strategy to overcome obstacles and share the gospel without fear.

As you’ll find in our 2022 Impact Report, 140 Pregnancy Clinics and 1,704 individuals were trained in The Invitation, and 9,896 patients made commitments to Christ.

When Executive Director Matt Holland of a PreBorn! Network Clinic in Shelby, NC implemented The Invitation at his Clinic, he said, “We went from seeing one or two [salvations] to 40 in ten months. Wonderful training, I want to encourage everyone that’s listening to me to get involved with this training and start seeing souls saved, for the Glory of God.”

Equipping Pregnancy Clinics

PreBorn! equips Pregnancy Clinics through the PreBorn! Child Sponsorship and Operation Equip programs.

Through PreBorn! Child Sponsorship, donors like you, underwrite ultrasound sessions for expectant mothers, allowing Pregnancy Clinics to provide FREE medical care to patients. In 2022, you sponsored 92,383 ultrasound scans and gave 112,129 pregnancy tests.

Operation Equip provides new ultrasound machines to Clinics, completely free. In 2022, with the generosity of donors like you, we placed 69 new ultrasound machines in Pregnancy Clinics across the nation. Depending on each Clinic’s need, cash grants are given for specific initiatives. Last year, 54,253 babies were saved because of your generosity!

Multiple Layers of Accountability

We are proud to be in good standing with three layers of financial accountability: ECFA, Charity Navigator, and Ministry Watch. PreBorn! transparently records its annual reports and financial statements to its website for anyone to access. We proudly make known our statement of faith as well.


PreBorn! is accredited through ECFA (Evangelical Council for Financial Accountability). ECFA works to enhance “trust in Christ-Centered Churches and Ministries” by holding them to Seven Standards of Responsible Stewardship, which are drawn from biblical principles.

PreBorn! is thankful for the ECFA’s guidance, which is based on Apostle Paul’s warning in 2 Corinthians 8:20-21, to take “ avoiding this: that anyone should blame us in this lavish gift which is administered by us— providing honorable things, not only in the sight of the Lord, but also in the sight of men.” (NKJV).

Charity Navigator

Charity Navigator has “empowered millions of donors by providing free access to data, tools, and resources to guide philanthropic decision-making. PreBorn! has a four out of four-star rating on Charity Navigator, scoring 100% in Accountability and Finance.

Ministry Watch

Ministry Watch records a tabulated overview of numbers and financials to give donors peace of mind. Donors want to know if PreBorn! is a good charity, and Ministry Watch answers a list of common concerns and questions donors have. Ministry Watch compiles two scores: donor confidence rating and a transparency grade.

PreBorn! maintains a 100% donor confidence rating and an ‘A’ grade in transparency. Out of 1,076 charities, PreBorn! ranks 45 in its overall financial efficiency score. See the chart below:

Ways to Give

You can give with confidence knowing your generosity has a great impact.

There are many ways to take an active role in saving babies and sharing the gospel of Jesus Christ with families who are desperate for the good news. Your donation is 100% tax-deductible, and PreBorn! never sells or rents the personal information of donors, such as names, addresses, emails, or phone numbers.

Give Online

You can make a one-time donation or start a monthly gift. Your monthly gift of $28 will underwrite one ultrasound session. Want to make a greater impact? Your monthly gift of $140 underwrites five ultrasound sessions.

Do you feel called to give a large donation? A $5,000 gift supports a full day of ultrasound sessions for all PreBorn! Network Clinics. You can directly provide a new ultrasound machine for a Clinic for $15,000.

Donate by Phone

Call 855-601-BABY(2229) to give over the phone, and you will be greeted with assistance.

Donate by Mail

Send a check through the mail to PreBorn!. Send to PO BOX 78221, Indianapolis, IN, 46278. Tell us how you heard about us in the memo line or how you would like your gift to be allocated.

Alternative Ways to Give

PreBorn! has donors who give through will and estate planning. Philanthrocorp is PreBorn!’s partner to help donors in this endeavor. Many donors have given appreciated stock. Find out more ways to give on our website.


PreBorn! is a legitimate charity to donate to. We are a Christian charity and are accountable not only to our donors, but we answer to God. Since our inception, thousands of lives have been impacted—over 200,000 babies have been saved, 65,000 people have accepted Christ, and 275 ultrasound machines have been placed.

Every day, PreBorn! Network Clinics save 200 babies from abortion. You can join in God’s story, working through PreBorn! to add to His Kingdom daily in the movement.