Modern day advancements in technology have set the stage for expedited processes and quick access to resources in almost every arena, including virtual access to healthcare. With this fact in mind, it is now more important than ever before, to ensure women’s access to virtual health care and resources have a predominant presence.

What is Virtual Health Care?

Virtual Health Care is set up so patients can access a variety of health services through the use of technology platforms, such as smartphones, video chat, mobile apps, text-based dialogue, and other types of virtual communication.

These virtual services create a convenient method of accessing healthcare needs without missing work, the need of transportation, or the long waiting time usually spent in doctor’s offices. Not only does this form of care take away some of the strains on the schedule and transportation aspects of health care, it’s also less expensive, as most have created affordable services to ensure greater accessibility.

Planned Parenthood and Virtual Health Care

Planned Parenthood has taken notice of the reach a virtual platform provides, and has created easier and more convenient access to abortion, which unfortunately means the majority of abortions are leaving women unmonitored and isolated in their time of greatest need as they conduct a chemical abortion in their bathrooms rather than an abortion clinic.

What does this mean for women? It means what is dressed up as a more convenient access to abortion is in reality, a more convenient way for women to find themselves without the medical support and resources they need during one of the most critical moments in their lives. It means easier access to abortions is actually easier access to a lack of resources and support during one of the most critical moments of their lives.

For this reason, it is critically important for women to be aware of the many pro-life resources available to them through a virtual health platform.

Pro-Life Organizations Expanding Virtual Health Care Services

Pro-Life organizations across the globe are creating their own virtual care services, with the goal of embracing women’s needs and helping them access a range of important health services, including prenatal care, postpartum care, fertility care, and gynecological care.

Not only are women able to save time with Pro-Life Virtual Healthcare access, they are able to access care and resources that may not be possible to them without a virtual platform due to their location, lack of transportation, or other environmental barriers.

Emergency Pro-Life vIrtual health Care is also available to women who have taken the chemical abortion pill and are seeking support afterwards such as the abortion pill reversal.

Benefits of Virtual Health Care

There are many benefits of Pro-Life Virtual Health Care that women can benefit from. Here are a few:

  • Improved Access to Care: The virtual platform of health care services enable women to access the care they need, no matter their location or transportation barriers. Virtual services are also available throughout day and evening hours, giving additional flexibility to women’s health care needs.
  • Less of a Financial Strain: Pro-Life Virtual health care platforms have a variety of unique pricing options available, making the service more affordable to women. Not only is the cost of transportation and travel eliminated as a factor, virtual service platforms are able to provide lower cost services due to not having to carry the large overhead that exists with a physical office.
  • Increased Convenience and Privacy: Women carry a great deal of responsibilities on their shoulders, making it more challenging to get to a physical office. Virtual Pro-Life Services are extremely convenient, as they can be accessed anywhere and anytime the woman has the opportunity. In addition, there is an increased level of privacy, usually not available at a physical clinic or doctor’s office.

Pro-Life Health Care is available, accessible, and necessary to support expectant mothers and women during their time of need.


As life’s responsibilities increase, extra time depletes, and barriers continue to rise, Pro-Life Virtual Care is truly a life-saving approach to healthcare for women and their babies.

You can get involved in this revolutionary movement by sharing resources to your social media platforms, spreading the word within your network, and making a financial investment in expectant mothers and babies. Just like Virtual Healthcare, supporting and saving lives has never been easier. Your generous donations will continue helping women facing unplanned pregancnies, so they can choose life for their babies.