The wise teacher wrote: “To everything there is a reason, a time for every purpose under heaven ….” Ecclesiastes 3:1 (NKJV) 

No passage of Scripture could be truer now for the ongoing battle for life. From the prodigious decision of overturning Roe v. Wade to the increasing prevalence of the abortion pill and pervasive availability of black-market abortions, without question, the tides are changing. 

Abortion has never been closer to our homes. From private internet browsing to abortion pill mail delivery, abortion is knocking on every door.                                   

There is a colossal sea of change that requires an even more aggressive, groundbreaking, innovative rescue solution. We have a mechanism of divine interception that opens the door for divine intervention, to bring about divine appointments for salvation. 

The goal is simple. We must meet her in her hour of need and intercept her search. Then we must lead her to healthy clinical information and most importantly to her Savior, Jesus Christ. Although the landscape may have changed, the mission is still the same; we are here to save babies and souls. 

How does PreBorn! step into the middle of such great devastation?          

First, we INTERCEPT. We use innovative and creative digital outreach endeavors that appeal to our current generation. We are in an online battle for the hearts and minds of the digital generation. 

That’s why we go to the Internet where moms facing unplanned pregnancies are searching for help. We intercept them by educating them on the message of death and arrest it with the narrative of life.

Second, we INTERVENE. We’ve reached her, now what? At the core of every human being is the need to be seen, heard, and loved. Even in a crisis and a moment of weakness and vulnerability, a woman facing an unplanned pregnancy deserves to be treated with love and dignity.

Like Jesus meeting the woman at the well, freedom can only come when truth and love go hand in hand. By deploying a clinically relevant service, to be delivered by trusted healthcare professionals, all provided for free, we can do just that. We offer her factual and compassionate online consultation. She receives the information, education, and support that she needs in order to make decisions about her own health and the life of her preborn baby.

Most importantly, we INTRODUCE. The woman at the well didn’t just have an encounter, she experienced transformation. She drank of the water she knew not of. She received not what she wanted but was given instead what she ultimately needed. She received the gift and grace of knowing Jesus, her Messiah, and ultimately found her purpose of sharing His glory to others.

We create opportunities for immediate crisis intervention and, ultimately, eternal reconciliation. Our goal is to take away for a mom facing an unplanned pregnancy to get to an appointment where she can experience a divine encounter with the Lord. We want to introduce her to her urgent need for a Savior. Jesus Christ is her key to total transformation and abundant life. Our job is to speak truth in love and treat her with kindness and respect. Her own brokenness will lead her to repentance, and the blood of Jesus will set her free. Only then can her rescue mission be successful.

We are called to a new season of rescue. We are launching a battleship in this massive sea of change. We are excited about the endeavor that the Lord has entrusted us with. We will fight with our Lord as the commander of our ship, 

Thank you for being the Lord’s warrior. Be encouraged, there is more victory at hand, as we follow the lead of our Commander, who is more than able! Though the battle for life is fierce, let us not forget, the battle belongs to our Lord.

Together, let’s endeavor to launch the ultimate battleship built for this digital rescue mission.

Welcome to this exciting journey in the new era of saving babies and souls. 

The purpose of this season Is clear, we are called to defend the weak and be the voice for the voiceless, we must love the unlovable and lead women to freedom in Christ. We must reach the lost and save the lives of many children.