Your love is saving lives at PreBorn! in more than one way.

Many of you have been giving to save the lives of preborn babies by sponsoring individual ultrasound sessions and/or purchasing an ultrasound machine for a PreBorn! Pregnancy Clinic. But did you know that your love is also reaching souls for the Kingdom of God?

You have a direct impact on sharing the gospel in PreBorn! Pregnancy Clinics all over the nation. When you give, men and women have the opportunity to not only hear the Word of Jesus Christ but also accept Him as their Lord and Savior.

PreBorn! has developed a 90-minute evangelism training webinar called “The Invitation,” that equips Clinic teams with the tools to move beyond the fear and misconceptions of sharing the gospel. Clinics who go through the training see a 320% increase in salvations.

Since COVID-19, PreBorn! has held 16 webinars across the United States. The webinars are designed to train Clinic staff to pray for insight, listen to their clients, and to boldly share and invite them to accept Christ.

The gospel is a top priority for us a PreBorn! If a mom comes to know the Lord, she will provide her baby a much higher percentage of also accepting Him. However, if a mom does not accept the Lord and her baby is born into a Godless home, their chances of developing a relationship with Christ diminish greatly.

You are the vital link between moms and Christ. Without you, moms will likely not hear the gospel and they, along with their babies, could be lost for eternity.

Will you consider sharing your love with moms and preborn babies today?