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716 Ultrasounds = 7,160 Diapers!
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You are changing the lives of real women likeDevin, and real babies like Kyla.
Devin grew up in a church family but when she attended college, she made poor choices that led her down a destructive path. She compromised everything she believed in and soon found herself pregnant, afraid and contemplating abortion.
Unsure of the path she should take, Devin visited a PreBorn! Pregnancy Clinic, where she received the best news of her life. Her ultrasound revealed that she was carrying a baby girl.
When Devin heard her daughter’s heartbeat on ultrasound, her entire demeanor changed and she chose life. The sound of a heartbeat was life-changing for Devin and life-saving for her baby, Kyla.
Devin is now parenting and continues to receive support from the PreBorn! Pregnancy Clinic.
She told her client advocate, “You are all amazing people. I felt like you wrapped a warm blanket around me and just held me. You told me I was going to be okay, because you would support and love me and you did. This meant so much because you didn’t even know me.”