A Letter to PreBorn! from First Care, a PreBorn! Pregnancy Clinic

Despite COVID-19, riots, and political chaos, 2020 was one of First Care’s best years!

Your ministry, PreBorn!, is more focused and more effective than ever at empowering women facing crisis pregnancies to choose life for their unborn children! We use two metrics as barometers for success: How many babies are saved from abortion and how many women are impacted by the gospel of Christ. Even as we celebrate hundreds of saved and transformed lives, you may remember years past when our numbers were higher. What gives? There are three contributing factors.

The first one is obvious: COVID-19. Our staff did an incredible job of implementing safety protocols and adding HIPAA compliant telehealth visits. And while we did minister to hundreds of vulnerable women — many would-be clients were too frightened to see us.

The second is that the women we see are more determined to have abortions than at any other point in our thirty-seven-year history. We view this as a blessing because if we are not seeing pregnant women in crisis, then we cannot fulfill our mission. The flip side is that the more abortion-determined a woman is, the more difficult it is to help her change her mind.

The third reason for our change in numbers is that we have a new system for counting saved babies and changed minds. Our old system required a lot of assumptions (and a small amount of mindreading). Our new system is much more straight-forward: if a woman says she is keeping her baby we believe her. If she says she is going to have an abortion we believe her. No guessing required.

But no matter what she says, we work to love and support her toward a life-affirming decision!

The result is our numbers may have changed, but your ministry to women facing crisis pregnancies is better and stronger than ever. Thanks to a substantial investment in outreach, women are finding us in record numbers and are choosing life more than ever before. We need your help to keep it going.

Heading into 2021 we are doubling our client outreach budget in an effort to double the number of clients we see. Ultimately, we hope to double the number of women who choose life and the number of women impacted by the good news of Jesus!