Mayri was very scared about the possibility that she might be pregnant again. She had a six-month-old baby and was struggling with some problems that made her situation very difficult.

She was convinced that abortion was her only way out. However, after she came to a PreBorn! Pregnancy Clinic, she chose life for her baby Analeah! Today we celebrate Mayri’s bravery and are grateful that Analeah is very loved by her mom.


How You Made a Difference

Whether you’ve volunteered at a pregnancy clinic, helped a friend through a difficult pregnancy, or advocated for life-affirming policies, we want to hear from you. Your story could be the inspiration that someone else needs to get involved and make a difference. To share your story, simply fill out the form. We’ll review your submission and, with your permission, share it on our website and social media channels. Thank you for your commitment to life. Together, we can make a difference in the lives of mothers and their preborn children.

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Donors like you faithfully provide ultrasounds and counseling while helping to fund baby clothes, diapers, and formula. More importantly, your love gives a young mother an opportunity to hear the gospel of Jesus Christ. Check out the powerful impact our love makes.  


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