Angie dialed a PreBorn! Network Clinic and immediately hung up the phone. She was looking for help, but she wasn’t quite ready to face reality—she was pregnant.  

Instead of disregarding the dropped call, the Clinic promptly called her back, starting a relationship that would move Angie from fear to faith. Angie’s story is a beautiful testament to God’s perfect love and provision.  

Angie’s Story 

After taking an at-home pregnancy test, Angie began googling Clinics to take a laboratory pregnancy test. She needed more credible proof that her life was completely changing.  

She found a PreBorn! Network Clinic and reluctantly spoke to Latoya, who called her back and compassionately asked why she had called. Angie told her that she suspected she was pregnant, and she didn’t know what to do. Laytoya encouraged her to stop by the Clinic. Angie remembered, “Even though I was making so many excuses, she found the time and waited for me until I was out of work, and she guided me through all the process.” 

Clinic Visit 

At the time of her first visit to the PreBorn! Network Clinic, Angie was living through difficult circumstances that only amplified her fear of being pregnant and becoming a mother. She and her husband were having problems, and she was also dealing with health issues. She had immigrated from Columbia. Her entire family was still there and she felt alone an insecure in making any life decisions..  

Amy, one of the Clinic’s nurses, gave Angie a pregnancy test. She confirmed, “You are 99.9% pregnant!”  

Angie recalled, “I was sweating and shaking, and she asked me if I wanted to see the baby. I did. I remember when I saw her, on the sonogram, my baby was bouncing…with a strong heartbeat and…I couldn’t stop crying.”  


Amy and Laytoya gave Angie the time and space to take in all of her feelings. She was moved by the ultrasound scan. They went over her options and gave her information to take home and ponder.  More than anything, they were a source of encouragement to Angie when she had none. They encouraged Angie to pray and seek the Lord and to ask for answers and for Him to reveal the right path.  

For a Good Reason 

The next week, Laytoya followed up with Angie to see if she wanted to make another appointment to see the baby again. During the ultrasound, Angie could tell her baby was growing and moving. She said, “I could tell she was in my belly for a good reason.”  

God was impressing upon Angie that her baby was a gift, and He has a plan and purpose for both her and her baby’s life. The ultrasound brought her to tears. She still felt immense fear over the situation.  


The Clinic had a basket of rocks, painted and decorated, and they gave it to Angie to pick one to take home. Angie said, “I picked the rock that said ‘brave.’ So, I decided to be brave! for me and my baby. I decided to become healthy for her, and I was brave enough to tell my husband. I decided that in case he didn’t want to go along this journey with me, I would be brave enough even if I have to do it alone.”  

Angie bravely and boldly chose life.God gave her the revelation that she was not alone and Angie believed Him 

Angie said, “God showed me that I wasn’t alone! At the center, I found a family, a support, a rock.”  

Angie allowed God to be her rock, and she vowed to stand firm in Him. Psalm 62:2 declares, “He only is my rock and my salvation; He is my defense; I shall not be greatly moved” (NKJV). 

Power in Prayer 

Angie was finding more boldness in her decision to trust in God, standing firm on her rock and fortress. She needed to tell her husband but was afraid of his reaction.   

Telling Her Husband 

Her husband did not take the news of her pregnancy well. Angie continued to pray and lean on God. She knew that even if her husband was not going to accept her pregnancy, she would be okay. During the uncertainty of his involvement in their baby’s life, she said she knew, “That my baby was going to be my most precious company for the rest of my life, and that I could do everything through Him who strengthens me.” 

After a week, her husband started to come around. She said, “He miraculously started to change, to care, to be present for us. God showed me that I wasn’t alone anymore.”  

Transformation under Pressure 

God took Angie through a process of refining and stretching that only came about through her trust in Him. God removed her fear and turned it into faith. She became rooted and grounded in God’s love, developing a faith that would not be shaken, even under trial. 

“I found that praying has a lot of power and that everything does happen for a good reason,” Angie reflected. “I have become someone who trusts in God’s plans… but I wouldn’t have done it without the love, support, and prayers I found here at the center.” 


Angie is so thankful for the PreBorn! Network Clinic who became the family she was missing and the support she needed when she didn’t have any. Angie said, “I am very grateful for all the help, assistance, and guidance I have received here for more than a year.” 

She realized that the help she received was not just material, but spiritual. Angie now thanks God every day for her baby girl, Mia, who is happy and healthy and able to grow up in a lovely and stable home. Angie and her husband continue to seek the Lord and trust in Him.  


God’s perfect love got ahold of Angie when she was gripped by fear. 1 John 4:18 tells us “There is no fear in love; but perfect love casts out fear, because fear involves torment. But he who fears has not been made perfect in love” (NKJV).  

What the enemy tried to torment Angie with, God used for His good. He built Angie’s faith and dependency on Him.  

By giving an ultrasound or sowing into Pregnancy Network Clinics, you directly impact mothers like Angie. To God be the glory!  


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