Daniella was just starting to get the hang of being a first-time mom. Not only was her pregnancy difficult, but life after delivering her first baby, Sebastian, was overshadowed by depression and anxiety. Sebastian was becoming more independent as a two-year-old, and she was feeling more and more like herself. She started back to school to finish her degree. Daniella shared, “I was finally on a good path.”  

When she found out she was pregnant, she felt like everything she had built was being torn down with . So many moms like Daniella find themselves contemplating a choice they never thought they would have to make. Although she was already a mom, the thought of starting over with a second baby felt like a weight too heavy to carry.  

Daniella’s Situation 

Daniella stared down in disbelief at the positive home pregnancy test. Reflecting on that moment, she shared, “I had no idea what I planned to do. I didn’t think I could keep the baby.”  

She immediately searched online “to gather information to make an informed decision.” By the faithfulness and provision of God, she found a PreBorn! Network Clinic and made an appointment at its mobile unit. At her visit, she spoke with her client advocate, Rose Mary. Daniella said speaking with her “changed everything.”  

Daniella found compassion and counsel when she needed it most. She was able to take a deep breath and think clearly about her situation without judgment or pressure. She said, “Rose Mary never judged me or thought less of me for not knowing what I planned to do about my pregnancy.”   

Mobile Unit  

This PreBorn! Network Clinic’s mobile unit makes medical care more accessible. The unit is furnished with examining and counseling areas. It provides free pregnancy testing and ultrasound scans with same-day results. It is always operated by licensed medical staff. 

Because Daniella was early in her pregnancy, she was able to return to the mobile unit for more than one ultrasound to hear her baby’s heartbeat. She said, “I knew I was having this baby. I knew it was all happening for a reason.”  

Clinic Staff Meet Daniella’s Baby  

Daniella gave birth to a healthy baby boy just in time for Mother’s Day—this time celebrating the gift of being a mom twice over. She named him Luca. Her oldest, Sebastian, became a proud big brother. 

Because of the relationships she formed with the Clinic staff, Daniella wanted to pay them a visit with the newest member of her family.  

“Here he is!” Daniella exclaimed. She couldn’t help the tears streaming down her face. She made a point to express her gratitude to the Clinic and staff, to honor them for the work they’re doing.  

She said, “Anything could have happened if I hadn’t found you guys;, if I hadn’t met Rose Mary. If I hadn’t gone to the mobile unit that day, Luca wouldn’t be here. I just love him so much. I am so grateful things happened this way. It’s literally just the best thing ever.” 


Because of God’s grace and divine appointment leading Daniella to her biggest supporters, she chose life—not with hesitancy or fear, but accepting motherhood as a gift that it is. Daniella found that the house and all that she had built wasn’t being torn down—a room was just being added. 

You can support a woman facing an unplanned pregnancy like Daniella today. Providing free ultrasounds and medical care to women is a beautiful way to connect a mother to her baby.  


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