A woman is holding a baby in her arms.

After waking up one morning, a wave of nausea hit Michelle. She ran to the bathroom, feeling sick and filled with fear over the prospect that she may be pregnant. With shaky hands, Michelle pulled out a pregnancy test. When the two lines appeared, tears welled up in her eyes.

In recounting the anxiety she experienced over a potential pregnancy, Michelle shared the thoughts she experienced at the time: “I’m not financially set to take care of a baby right now. I mean, abortion did cross my mind because I had no support from the father, no family, no place to live … [I] wasn’t ready for that in my life.”

Shortly after her positive test, Michelle was driving through Daytona, and came across a sign for free pregnancy testing and ultrasounds. She decided to make a call and set up an appointment.

“Everyone was very friendly. I felt very welcomed and supported if I needed someone to talk to, [I know] you guys are here for me,” Michelle said.

During her time at the Clinic, Michelle sat down with an advocate and received some life-affirming education about her pregnancy and her available options — one of which was adoption.

Michelle recalls the effect this education had on her and the decision she ended up making for herself and her child. “The more I thought about it, the more I couldn’t bring myself to kill an innocent baby,” she said.

Although Michelle considered adoption, she had her doubts. It wasn’t until she witnessed the life within her womb that she made up her mind. Seeing the little fingers and toes of her baby on an ultrasound, along with listening to the baby’s beating heart, were defining moments in Michelle’s decision process — moments used by the Lord to show Michelle the truth about the development of life.

In recounting the experience, Michelle said, “When I came to get my ultrasound, that’s when I made my final decision — that’s when I decided I was going [to go with] adoption instead of abortion.”

Michelle meets regularly with her adoption counselor and has also chosen a loving home for her baby. Both her counselor and the PreBorn! Network Clinic are providing support for Michelle, and she is confident in her decision to give her child the gift of life.

“If it weren’t for [the Clinic], I don’t know what I would’ve done. I don’t have insurance, so I wouldn’t have been able to get an ultrasound done [and] get another pregnancy test, and I wouldn’t have had people to talk to,” Michelle said. “I feel really good about my decision giving a baby to someone who can’t have a baby. I’ll … get updates from the family.”

If not for the Lord’s work through the PreBorn! Network Clinic, Michelle and countless other women and families may have chosen abortion. Thank you to the supporters of this ministry, making it possible for women like Michelle to say “Yes!” to life.


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