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Before following through with her plans to abort, Veronica remembered that God’s word says “He chose us in Him before the foundation of the world, that we should be holy and without blame before Him in love” (Ephesians 1:4, NKJV). The little life she saw on the ultrasound screen was chosen by God. Although she didn’t want her baby, the child was wanted and decided by God.

Veronica’s Story

Veronica went to a PreBorn! Network Clinic in Texas considering abortion. She cried, opening up to her Clinic Advocate about her fear of being a working, single mom and raising a baby. Veronica admitted, “Abortion is an awful thing.”

She believed abortion is wrong because of her religious background, yet now experiencing an unplanned pregnancy herself, she was conflicted. Choosing life was not the easy, quick decision she thought it would be.

Veronica’s client advocate discussed her options with her. She told her about available resources and offered her an ultrasound, which revealed a six-week preborn baby. However, seeing the tiny fragile life on the screen did not console her. She knew, in her heart, abortion was wrong. She was still in a state of panic, imagining the worst case scenario of raising her child alone. She left the Clinic undecided.

Abortion Plan

The Clinic was devastated when Veronica called in the next day to say she was driving to New Mexico to get an abortion. The Clinic staff continued to intercede, praying that God would grow the seeds of truth that were planted during her visit.

While God would never stop pursuing her, Veronica only needed to remember the truth and love that she was rooted and grounded in.

From Texas to New Mexico

In order to abort access abortion services, Veronica would have to travel from Texas to New Mexico. After the overturning of Roe, Texas law immediately reverted to life before Roe where all abortions were banned.

Texas Abortion Law

Prior to Roe being overturned, Texas followed the 2021 Texas Heartbeat Act, where abortion was banned after a heartbeat could be detected. Usually, a preborn heartbeat can be detected by five weeks, if not before. The embryo’s heart begins developing by the third week of gestation, already making quick, irregular contractions to pump blood throughout its body.

A preborn baby can have a beating heart before the mother even knows she’s pregnant. In Veronica’s case, her baby’s life was undeniable—its rapid heartbeat was the defining sign of life within her womb.

In June of 2023, New Mexico instituted an abortion shield law, which shields healthcare providers and patients from civil or criminal liability for abortion and gender-affirming care. Veronica’s travel would not be a quick trip, so the delay in travel plans allowed God to move in the waiting.

Every Child is a Blessing

Several days later, the Clinic received a call from Veronica. She changed her mind. “I thought about abortion long and hard, but you made me change my mind,” she said. “I decided to keep this baby. God allowed this for a reason, and every child is a blessing.”

The Clinic staff reminded Veronica of the truth that was already planted in her heart. Through counseling and presenting all of her options, they were able to make what seemed impossible to Veronica, possible, reminding her that she is cared for and capable.

Veronica chose life, moving from fear to love. God’s perfect love casts out fear (1 John 4:18, NJKV), and Veronica chose love and sacrifice over her anxiety about being a single mom. Veronica remembered the truth of Psalm 127:3, “Behold, children are a heritage from the Lord, The fruit of the womb is a reward” (NKJV).


The Bible repeatedly commands us to ‘remember.’ We can easily take our eyes off Jesus and try to do things on our own. God reminded Veronica of his plan and purpose for her life. He provided for her even when it didn’t make sense. Her child is a precious gift that He delights in.

The PreBorn! Network Clinic Veronica visited reported seeing a 23% increase in client visits year-over-year. They are thankful to be able to reach even more women than before Texas’ abortion laws changed. There is no greater joy than sharing the love of Christ with women and empowering them to choose life.

Your support is needed even in states where abortion is completely banned. The fight for life is far from over—the battlefield is just changing. You can gift an ultrasound to a mother like Veronica today.


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